Crystal Lake, Illinois home inspection explains why you need an inspection on your home prior to purchasing it.

Crystal Lake, Illinois home inspection explains why a home inspection is needed.  The use of a home inspection as one of the components to a home purchase is sometimes questioned by home buyers or home sellers. Some clients are concerned about the cost of  a home inspection.  Others are concerned with the time constraints.  Some buyers/sellers just don’t care and precede with out any type of home inspection at all.

I was hired to inspect a home in Crystal Lake that was a foreclosure and the buyer was contemplating passing on the inspection.  I explained that was very risky.  You see when a home is in foreclosure the chances for multiple serious issues rises dramatically due to the lack of interest of the property’s owner for maintenance.   The bank that owns it really doesn’t care.  If they do, its very little.  The old owners don’t care either, that’s why they don’t keep up the maintenance.  Now you want to buy this property with no home inspection???

My clients from the Crystal Lake home inspection were burned before, because they skipped the home inspection process and found themselves in a predictament  when multiple issues went wrong in their newly purchased home.  They didn’t know what their recourse would be?  They don’t have any!  After you sign your name to the  contract  and receive the keys to the home … it yours.  You now take on the good, the bad and the ugly.

My clients from the Crystal Lake home inspection were now responsible for a  $9700.00 roof along with other minor issues.  They found our website cost to cure page very helpful.  You can see it at ~  These are a general look at what some issues may cost you to replace or repair either on your watch or the old home owners.

Hopefully you can now understand how valuable a professional home inspection can be.  Please contact us with any questions you might have at ~  Thanks for stopping by.  Jim Kolke

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